Less is more

I’ve lived a life inspired by minimalism for 30 years, and as the founder of Season Green this philosophy runs through the company, so I thought I’d share some thoughts on what I consider to be the big pay-offs.

Buying less stuff gives you more time to consider what you’re buying, and more money to buy it with. And when you do end up with something special, you’re more likely to appreciate it when it isn’t one of ten similar items.

Less is more

Can we ever have too much space? When I talk to our customers about our stores, I rarely hear ‘They’re not cluttered enough’, and I’m sure it’s the same with people’s homes. I find the major pay-off here isn’t a matter of physicality; I just feel calmer and happier in a clear environment. We want our customers to enjoy this too – that’s why our selection is gimmick-free and functional.

Longevity is important to us when choosing things for our customers; we want the things people buy from us to bring them continued happiness. Not only does the less is more approach enable you to buy better stuff that will do its job for longer, but we apply it when looking at product design. We steer clear of design we think is likely to wear thin over time, and instead tend to opt for simplicity, understatement and timeless classics.

We hope you enjoy looking through our selection. It has been researched, tried and tested, in some cases for a decade. And of course, if you have any thoughts on what we do and the things we sell, we always love hearing your comments. Yes, even the ones that aren’t so great – sometimes we can do an enormous amount with these!

Jason | Managing Director