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  • Natural solutions to cutting edge design problems

    The trajectory of sustainable design reminds me of vegetarianism in the UK. When I first became a veggie 25 years ago, the options were pretty boring. (Not being a great cook at the time didn’t help - I remember seeing cheese and onion quiche in the supermarket viable things to and that was about it - gloomy) As veggie options grew, they were aimed at the worthy or the idealist hippy. Now most restaurants from the local pub to Michelin star will either have something or will rustle something up, with even vegan options becoming ubiquitous. And so it is with sustainable design. Only a few years ago, the options presented to the market seemed both limited and limiting. Now, the best designers in the world are incorporating sustainable design into their practices and ethics have become incorporated into both beautiful design and cutting edge functionality.


    For the best in cutting edge functionality, Scanpan from Denmark are a beautiful example. Where once non-stick pans were covered in chemical-crammed plastic-based non-stick, Scanpan use a state of the art natural ceramic titanium mix, blasted onto the pans at Mach 2 (irresistible dinner party speak, I know). Having used these pans for a decade, we can vouch for not just the longevity this solution brings, but the sheer joy consistently super slippy non-stick adds to cooking.


    One of our favourite everyday natural for plastic substitutions is the move toward beeswax wraps instead of cling film. Again, this isn’t just as good; it’s better. Beeswax wraps let food breathe. We all know one of the great travesties in life is wrapping good bread with a crunchy crust in a way that turns the crust into a wimpy version of its former self. Behold: wrap your sandwiches in beeswax wraps and let your food breathe. We stock the original and the best. 

    Our site is full of the very best design has to offer. It seems the care that goes into producing something wonderful has become a natural bedfellow for responsible production. It really is possible to have the best of both worlds.

    Jason | Managing Director