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  • Overseas sourcing without damaging the environment

    Much of our range is made in the UK, with some lines coming from our hometown of London. For many products, this isn’t possible, and in these instances, we have looked at the supply chain and ensured the best possible ethical practices. As such, only one of our lines comes from China – a compromise worth making when it comes to steel water bottles – a product that has done much for the environment. Of course, sourcing from China usually means bad news for the environment, but our supplier, 24 Bottles, has chosen to do things differently.


    24 Bottles measured the amount of CO2 involved in producing, packing and shipping each bottle and started their own forest to ensure the carbon footprint of their bottles was offset. They now have over 3,000 trees in 6 countries absorbing half a million kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. Thankfully, this same care has been taken with the design of the bottles: rather than the ubiquitous standard bottle used by a million other companies, 24 Bottles designed theirs from scratch. They’re beautiful, and you get something special. Our kind of product made by a company who have taken real care to create a great overall solution.

    24 Bottles