Life is better...

...with great design

We select our range by drawing from over 30 years of retail experience listening to customers and researching, testing and selecting the very best in functional design. Above all, each item must be a joy to own, perform exceptionally well and stand the test of time. Every last item in our carefully chosen range offers exceptional value in these areas.


24 Bottles Season Green

...when we stay connected to nature

Our background is in simply selecting the best, but it got to a point where environmental considerations had to play a part in that selection process, so we decided to do that properly. This isn’t done by swapping plastic for pseudo-eco products made in an equally irresponsible way, then sent halfway around the world. Our manufacturers are as local as possible, put care into craft and supply and offer the level of quality our customers expect. Some of our suppliers are in our hometown of London, and only one comes from China – water bottles from a supplier with exceptional eco credentials.

Everything in our range is made using natural materials, and so much better for it.


Hampson Woods Season Green

...without clutter

We don’t stock anything we think will end up in the back of the cupboard – to pass our tests, an item has to be so useful you’ll enjoy it again and again. The longevity that comes from beautifully made products is enhanced by our passion for timeless, understated design.


Karin Carlander Season Green 

...with likeminded partners

We only deal with conscientious suppliers who have similar values to our own. People with purpose, for whom it's not all about money, but creating something of genuine value.

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